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M&M Solargenics designs, develop, and operates Renewable Energy Farms.
We are specialized in Agrivoltaic (Solar) Farming, which combines Farming and Solar Energy production.


Why choosing between farming and solar energy producing when you can do both on the same space?

Specialized Agrivoltaic Farming by M&M Solargenics

M&M Solargenics designs, develops, and operates RE facilities with over 420MW worth of projects developed in the US. We specialize in Agrivoltaics, which is the combination of farming and solar energy product.

Our Agrivoltaic (Solar) Farm sites offer the strategic advantage of allowing the land under the solar site to be used as farmland.

This helps contribute to the stable production of crops or animal farming in areas where it may initially not have been possible using traditional solar farming.

At M&M Solargenics, we believe in the perfect marriage between the agriculture and solar industries through Agrivoltaics. Unlike traditional solar farms that require farmland to be sacrificed, our solution removes this trade-off and is beneficial for farmers everywhere.

Our innovative approach allows farmers to maintain crop production while generating renewable energy and lowering energy consumption. Our customers range from independent consumers who want to maximize their land usage to governments seeking to reduce their dependence on fossil fuels through the production of renewable energy.

Market & Forecast

Thriving global solar farming market, fueled by green awareness and supportive policies. Promises lucrative growth.

Global solar demand to increase 30x by 2030

Global solar farm market size to increase 430% by 2030

CAGR 10% from 2022 until 2031

Global solar farm industry expected to be worth $270B by 2030

The Renewable Energy Market

Over the past decade, the growth of renewable energy has consistently and dramatically outperformed nearly all expectations. McKinsey estimates that by 2026, global renewable-electricity capacity will rise more than 80 percent from 2020 levels to more than 5,022 gigawatts.

Of this growth, two-thirds (3,404 gigawatts) will come from wind and solar, an increase of 150 percent. By 2035, renewables will generate 60 percent of the world’s electricity.

Global Solar Farming - Market Forecast

The agrivoltaics (solar) farming industry is cutting edge and will see a substantial increase in demand as the world population grows. The global solar sector reached an astonishing value of $63B in 2021, with the agrivoltaics industry worth only 6% or $3.6B in 2021.

RE Demand Forecast


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Customer Success

Our insights, agility, and innovation enable us to co-create value with you as partners


We follow the highest standards of professionalism and ethics and cultivate trust by being open, honest, and responsible


Environmental responsibility guides our actions, and we strive for social and economic advancement


We celebrate the power of diversity and work as one to achieve excellence


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Our team

Marcel V. Sanchez

Co-Founder, CEO

Marcel will act as the CEO for the organization.Marcel has 6+ years of experience working within the bio-tech/agri-tech industry in various leadership positions within Operations teams. Marcel holds an EMBA from HULT specialized in business development with “Future Tech” in emerging markets.

Michael Ricci

Co-Founder, COO

Michael will act as the COO and oversee all operations within the business. Michael brings 20+ years of experience within the energy sector. He also holds an EMBA from HULT. He is also a licensed commercial builder and design expert within the renewable energy sector with countless complete builds ranging in various sizes.

Gontran Mabetomoka

Board Member

Gontran will act as board member and CMO, he will oversee the public image of the company. He is a serial entrepreneur with 10+ years in Venture Capital & Private Equity ecosystems. Delivering investor nurtures his global thinking to deliver high-profile advisory. He is also able to support targeted businesses with a more strategic approach and holds an EMBA from HULT.

Maik Fisher

Board Member

Maik will act as Board Member and advisor to the CFO of the organization.

Edoardo Berti Riboli

Board Member

Edoardo in will act as Board Member and advisor to the CCO of the organization. Edoardo has over 15 years of experience in the business of project management and consultancy, carried out in Italy and abroad, also participating, for Clients public and private, to tenders and operations of public-private partnership. Edoardo is the governmental lead for a worldwide engineering firm and oversees cross-border projects that encompasses renewable energy sectors. This multidisciplinary approach with a focus on aspects of legal and administrative permits to identify the criticalities underlying the development of the related processes and the pursuit of the interests of the parties involved.

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